Why Buying Cars Can Feel Like Pulling TeethCar shoppers deserve a better option.

Why OneRequest

We love cars. We love vintage muscle cars. We love sleek electric cars. We love gas guzzling conversion vans. We love them all. But car shopping? Woof.

The old-guard car shopping sites are designed to get your information to dealers so they can make more money for leads (that’s you). They serve up car listings (ads) and get paid by the dealers – just like when the ads were printed in newspapers and magazines. Sure, the ads look nicer, but the site’s focus remains on the dealer, not the shopper.Online dealers have made the transactional portion easier, but that only works if the shopper is able to find their desired car from the limited inventory options and is (more times than not) willing to pay more for the car and/or receive less for their trade-in versus working with a traditional dealer.

And the “Car Buying Services”? They have pre-arranged pricing with a limited number of dealers. There’s no need to negotiate, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting a fair price – especially given the limited selection you get. At the end of the day, they’re getting paid for serving you up as a lead. They’re not providing advice, they’re not negotiating for you and they’re not protecting your privacy. How is that a “service”?

OneRequest was built for those who want to buy a car at a fair price without the hassle and frustration. Whether you want to do it all yourself, have someone do it all for you or somewhere in-between, we have a solution that fits. We understand that being paid by the shopper is a unique approach, but decades of dealer-pay models haven’t fixed car shopping. We’re here to fix it and we work for you.