Why Buying Cars Can Feel Like Pulling TeethCar shoppers deserve a better option.

Why we started OneRequest

We love cars. We love vintage muscle cars. We love sleek electric cars. We love gas guzzling conversion vans. We love them all. But car shopping? Woof.

When our founder, Eric Westphal, was in the market for a new car, he found the entire process frustrating, inefficient and backwards. You spend hours searching multiple sites, and you cannot turn off the endless calls and emails from dealers after sending your contact info in exchange for asking simple questions. In the end, you're left wondering why—when you are the one spending a large chunk of money—the process is so frustrating and stressful. It was clear to Eric that the process is broken. Car shoppers deserve a better option.

That's why OneRequest was born: to fix car shopping. Our mission at OneRequest is to help you find your car without having to deal with the frustration and stress that has become a part of the process.

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Cool story. But why would I pay OneRequest when I can search cars for free?

So called 'free' car shopping sites (you've heard of most of them) are paid by dealers, so they’re financially motivated to share your contact info with dealers. Many of these sites, and some dealers, also sell your personal info to 3rd party marketers. Plus, different dealers pay to list on different sites, so you have to surf multiple sites for a full picture of current inventory. For these car shopping sites, dealers are the customer, and you are the product.

At OneRequest, you are our paying customer. We aren't paid by dealers to list inventory, so we show listings from nearly every dealer nationwide. We don't game search rankings with ‘featured’ (paid) listings that don’t match your criteria.

We allow you to keep your personal info private until you’re ready to buy. Our Private Shopper customers talk and negotiate with dealers anonymously on our platform and can shut off communication with those dealers at any time.

You can also save yourself the time and hassle of the entire process by letting our expert car buying Pros do the work for you. With our Private Shopper Pro and Concierge plans, we go to work on your behalf, and you have assurance you’re getting a great deal.

We couldn’t be more different than the old school car shopping sites. They serve the dealers. We serve you.

Join thousands of customers who are tired of being ‘sold’.