One and done.

Traditional car shopping sites are paid by dealers to list their inventory. Not all dealers pay each site, so you spend countless hours searching multiple sites for a complete picture of available cars. We are not a dealer advertising platform. We show nationwide inventory to be a one-stop shop for you.


Your personal info remains personal.

Your name, email and phone number(s) are valuable to marketers and that's why the ad sites sell them. We think they're valuable to you, and that's why we don't.

At OneRequest, you're our customer, not our product.

Our platform lets you:

  • Message or call dealers without sharing contact information
  • Negotiate anonymously
  • Reduce time at the dealership
  • Stop all communication when you’re done shopping
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With privacy comes control.

Other sites share your contact information with dealers. Calls, texts and emails come next, ‘encouraging’ you to come in. Often.

When you call or message dealers from our platform, your contact info is hidden and you can cut off communication any time. Those “are you still in the market” calls? Byeeeee.

Stop dealer communication

I’d rather __________ than shop for a car.

It’s no secret – most people dread many aspects of the car shopping process, whether it’s the time commitment, emotional drain, wondering if you got a good deal...

We have options to address it all. Our Concierge Pros can:

  • Identify the best car for you
  • Handle your search
  • Evaluate your deal & optional add on products
  • Review your docs before signing
  • Do everything for you (except pay & sign your papers)

With decades of experience in the industry, our Pros know all the tricks, hidden fees and market trends, and they’re in your corner.


Compare car shopping sites.

It's easy to see who is built for the shopper
OneRequestOther Sites
Search millions of new & used car listings
Save searches
Receive notifications when a matching car becomes available
Does not share or sell your personal info to 3rd parties
Does not get paid by dealers to list their inventory
Search results are not gamed by dealer ad dollars
Ability to anonymously call dealers
Ability to anonymously message dealers
Easily turn off communication from dealers at any time
Consult with car experts who work for YOU
Has car experts who will handle the entire process for you

Your questions, answered.

For a nominal fee, OneRequest keeps your personal info away from dealers and marketers, giving you more control over your shopping experience. The other sites are focused on getting your info to the dealer so the dealer will continue paying them to list their inventory. For those sites, you’re a lead and the dealer is the customer. At OneRequest, YOU are the customer and we are working tirelessly to help you find your car without all of the stress and frustration.


Ready to get behind the wheel?